black friday en classgap for enterprise

The Black Friday, which originated in the United States, can be found applied to all sectors, and has gone from being offered in products to also in services. That is why today I am going to tell you how to take advantage of this opportunity to benefit your entire company. 

Employee training can be used as payment in kind, that is to say, to benefit the employee in addition to his or her salary, by offering training in the subject matter of his or her choice, or to solve a training shortage. 

In both cases, the benefits of training your employees are as much for them as for the company. 

Advantages of employee training 

  • Personal and professional growth
  • Improving employee relations
  • More competitive team
  • Competitive advantage 
  • Increased employee loyalty. 

In Classgap for Enterprise we offer training in more than 100 specialties, the online methodology opens all barriers, allowing companies to work with the best professionals worldwide. We are committed to the personalisation of training. We believe that each company has different needs and therefore training plans cannot be standardised. 

How do we customise the training of your employees?

Each company has a series of objectives to be met with the training. To ensure this, our specialists carry out an audit of your company to detect the real training needs. Once the audit has been carried out, the most suitable methodology is chosen: group or One to One. 

Depending on the needs of the employees, one methodology will be more effective than the other; group classes allow for the creation of synergies between employees, thus reinforcing relationships within the team. They are also very useful for resolving doubts and ensuring that employees reach the same level and receive the same curriculum. For example, getting your marketing team certified by Google Ads, business coaching…  

On the other hand, One to One classes are very beneficial for reinforcing specific aspects, for example, leadership for top management, a specific design programme or reinforcing French conversation.

What is customised online training like? 

This type of training aims to combine the advantages of both classroom-based and online training. Therefore, the training is carried out in a Virtual Classroom, where the teacher and student communicate by means of a video call. They also have the possibility of sharing documents and a virtual blackboard so that the teacher can clarify his or her explanations. 

The tutors monitor their students and report their progress in order to adjust the training content. 

How do you measure the ROI of the training? 

As with any investment made by a company, the results must be measured. In this case, measuring the results of a training course can be complicated. That’s why at Classgap for Enterprise we facilitate the measurement of training ROI through the Dashboard offering a follow up of the training and showing where it is and how it is programmed.

Employee training can be subsidised up to 100% by Fundae, so the investment your company must make is minimal. As you can see, the training of the employees is pure profit, even more if you take advantage of this Black Friday to get an offer in the Training Plan of your employees. 

Contact our professionals to get yours!