Previously we have talked about the importance of web positioning and online presence that a company has through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When launching a new project or a new brand, being among the first positions is complicated, you have to complement the SEO strategy with a paid strategy, this is where Google Ads comes into play.

What is Google Ads?

In very basic terms, when we search for something on Google, have you noticed that the first results are promoted? That is a Google ad, its main advantage is that this ad is not shown in a generic way, but rather it directs your ad to an audience that you have been able to segment previously.

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads, previously known as Google Adwords, has a simple operation once you are familiar with it. It offers the possibility of running different campaigns; Search Network, Display, Google Shopping… Depending on the objective of your campaign.

Why should you certify your employees on Google Ads?

Training your employees in Google Ads offers your company total autonomy from third parties, as well as being able to adapt them completely to your needs and adjust them live according to the evolution of these campaigns.

Through Google Ads you will increase both your web traffic and the number of leads as well as perfectly segmenting your target audience.
It is a very flexible marketing platform, it is useful for all types of companies regardless of their size and function, you can personalise the campaigns to focus on certain users by filtering, for example, by the intentionality of the search, appearing in the first positions depending on the user’s question, and you can also adjust the budget according to the company’s needs and budget. 

How does Google Ads training work?

Certifying your employees on Google Ads is very simple by following the Classgap for Enterprise methodology. Our professionals study the case of each company individually to organize a training that is completely adapted to their needs.
For example, your employees may never have worked with this tool before, so this training would serve to introduce them to the world of Google Ads and explain the operation and utilities of this tool, as well as the creation of a campaign and its monitoring and adjustment.
On the other hand, if your team already knows this tool, but does not know how to modify a campaign once it has been created, a teacher with extensive experience in Google Ads will train your team, helping them in the evolution of this campaign, teaching them good practices, different ways and tricks so that both the company’s current or future campaigns are a success.

Personalisation is our strong point, which is why within the same company there can be different training courses even on the same subject, group training and One to One training can be given at the same time to improve the company’s advertising campaigns or strategic reinforcement.

By means of training in Google Ads, your employees will get to know your market better and discover how the competition focuses its strategy. The results obtained in this type of investment are very fast, and you also obtain a high ROI.

Discover the advantages of centralising your company’s marketing actions by training your employees.

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