por que formar a tus empleados en ingles

English is the subject most in demand by companies to train their employees, this is because it is the international language in the business world. When doing business between countries that speak different languages, English is the great ally that unites them, hence its importance

A low level of English among employees penalises companies. According to Harvard Business School there is a direct relationship between a better level of English and the increase in profits generated by the company in international trade.

By training your employees in English you will position your company advantageously over the competition and acquire international relevance. Improving the level of English and Business English of your employees will establish closer relationships with your clients abroad due to better communication. 

In-company language training

Language training is a long-term training that companies provide. It is not a training in which you learn specific knowledge to put into practice, but rather it is a continuous learning process. For example, if your company wants to train its employees in programming and English, the programming training may last a month or two, where they will learn the necessary knowledge to apply it in their daily work. On the other hand, if you want to improve your employees’ speaking skills, you will have to carry out training without a fixed duration at the beginning so that your employees acquire the desired level of English. 

The training of employees in languages can be carried out in person or online. Despite the fact that online training has been around for several years, many doubted its effectiveness, claiming impersonality and inefficiency. We can find different types of online training; mockups, pre-recorded classes… At Classgap for Enterprise we want to offer a comprehensive training experience, which is why we are committed to personalised online training. 

What is personalised online training? 

It is the training that gathers the advantages of online and classroom training. The classes are given by video call in our Virtual Classroom, so the session is carried out in a natural way. On our platform it is possible to share both screens and documents and use a digital blackboard for explanations. Our teachers adapt the classes to the student’s level so that he or she feels comfortable, the training will progress at the same time as he or she does. 

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