Positive initiatives, benefits, real action and valuable content – these are the concepts on which the employee experience is based. One of the keys for any company is to make the company desirable for employees, an attractive place to work and a place where they can develop professionally. The main task of the human resources department is to create a solid value proposition that reflects these aspects.

Working on the employee experience is one of the best communication tools to convey the company’s interest in attracting and retaining talent in the labour market. In a company, everything communicates and employee experience policies must work in harmony with internal and external communication strategies.

We already know that it is important to work on the employee experience, but what happens in times of crisis like these? In times of crisis, many companies have to lay off part of their workforce, or it can also be the case that it is the employees themselves who are looking for a way out, but cannot find alternative employment. Even in these times, the employee’s experience needs to be worked on.

The people who remain linked to the company must know that they are still an important part of the organisation. Changes may be made and sacrifices may be asked for, but they must be mutual, reasonable and well explained and argued. On the other hand, those who have had to leave should know that the reasons were external to the company, as a bad experience can be counterproductive for the company’s reputation.

When things are working well, the message is easier to convey. Employees need to be aware of their importance within the company. If, in the worst moments, positive messages are conveyed, the employee policy that has been worked on is the right one. That is why we must take it into account as another communication tool. A good professional track record, both for the company and the employee, will be key to consolidating trust in the company.

The key is to understand that, as a company, employees expect to have things explained correctly, to be understood and to be given solutions to any unexpected situations that may arise. It is when this is not done that employees feel disappointed and may even become angry with the company.

In short, employee experience is a policy that needs to be implemented by the human resources department and that communication extrapolates from the good practices that can be carried out from Marketing.