In recent years we have seen the digital world become increasingly important, becoming the future of every business. Behind the digital support of every company, there are the now so famous “IT profiles”. They have become fundamental pieces of the companies and they are needed more and more.

It is logical to think that the ability to program will only be required of those employees in the IT department, but this is starting to change.

As I said before, digitalization is the future of every company and this affects all departments. That is why, more and more, candidates with basic knowledge in programming are valued.

Thanks to programming people develop the ability to solve logical problems, they become more complete and competitive profiles in the market, responding to current professional demands.

But… within programming, what language is better to train my employees?

Each language has its advantages, but to begin studies in programming, Python is the best candidate.

It is a programming language that supports rapid development of data analysis applications. When we talk about Python we refer to both the programming language and the tool that executes the scripts in the “Pyhton” language.

The main advantage of this code is that it is free, as well as being open source and available for the most important platforms. It supports multiple programming paradigms and has a large community.

If your employees have not studied programming before it is not a problem, Python is easier to learn than other programming languages.

Python can be reproduced on any platform, getting the same results on them from the same data and analysis.

The main industries that use this programming language are: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science… its statistical use is very strong.

If we compare it with other data processing programs such as Excel, Python can perform more functions than this one. 

Pyhton is perfect for the use of large databases, and allows exporting them from different formats including Excel. With it we can automate data extraction so that we can make crucial decisions that impact the economic growth of the company

The only thing your team has to do to better manage the databases is to learn the simple language of programming.

By training your employees in programming, you will get a more competitive team ready to grow your business.

Investing in programming training for your employees is investing in the future of your company.