Since March we have been hearing the words “working remotely” and “online training” on a daily  basis and the reality is that although this disciplines were used before (although not regularly in most companies), we are now more than used to them.

According to the labour force survey, working from home represeted only 4,3% and nowadays almost all companies implement it. This 2020 has come full of changes in which we are still immersed and the have come to stay. 

Working remotely and online training from 2020 to 2021

  • Working remotely will continue to be a reality 

Many think that teleworking has been a temporary solution to the global pandemic, yet the option of working from home is taking root in the business world.

It may have been difficult for companies to adapt to this situation at first, so they had to create a small office at each employee’s home and make sure they had the necessary tools available to work without problems. Once the office-home transition has been overcome, it has become clear that thanks to the world of technology, most companies are able to work remotely. 

  • Online training is gaining respect. 

Like working remotely, online training was not accepted at first, it did not generate confidence as they thought that classroom-based training was more effective. Confinement has made us see that online classes can have the same features and even more than the face-to-face format. 

As well as saving on travel time, the personalised online classes are completely adapted to your schedule, which means that if any of your employees cannot attend a class, it can be made up. 

  • Technically prepared team. 

This year companies have had to give 100% in order to survive, workers have had to change their way of working to a completely digital one (online meetings, webinars…) and senior workers may have had difficulties. 

Technicall skills are more in demand than ever, in selection processes, not having computer knowledge is a reason to discard a candidate. It is therefore necessary to make an investment in training so that the team is up to date. 

  • More affordable and subsidised online training.

Companie’s budgets for this year are going to be tight, but that does not mean they should dispense with training their employees. In addition to the fact that online training is more affordable because of the cost savings (transport, physical material, time, etc.) FUNDAE (State Foundation for Training in Employment) is giving a discount of up to 100% on the business training now considered  “new classroom training”

The new normality with telework

In conclusion, as I explained earlier, the format of working remotely is becoming established in society, and in the long term it will be completely normal to find offices that have been relocated, as is happening with large giants such us Twitter or Siemens. Moreover, online training has been seen to bring more benefits than face-to-face training, such as a much balance between family life and the possibility of working with the best professionals in each sector worldwide. 

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